Amy-Jane Brand

Australian Model & Social Influencer, ‘Amy-Jane Brand’ is on route unleashing the sounds of heavy bass music as she performs across the globe. Born & Raised in Perth, now living in Brisbane, Australia – Her passion for bass music was founded from her early days as a festival regular while always attending the underground bass nights at her favourite clubs.

Since the beginning, Amy-Jane Brand has fallen in love with the powerful movement of the bass culture behind the music setting her sights to make her mark on the scene as a female spinning heavy tracks.

Amy-Jane Brand, A.K.A Australian Model, Blonde Bombshell is not only a firepower behind the decks, she is a creative director, stylist, innovative creator & a social media influence continually uploading originality to her pallet displaying the upmost creative side of her beauty. In the last 3 years, she has gained national/international attraction with magazine covers, features and publications such as, MAXIM, Galore, Playboy, Esquire, GQ, Autre, FHM, Ralph, Arsenic, Zoo Weekly, Nuts, Yume, Sticks And Stones, C-Heads, DSS and Wheels and Dollbaby.

Her Debut Mix is a representation of her love for bass music whilst exploring the avenues of trap & hiphop. Major Support suddenly flooded her social media platforms all in ore for her unexpected direction to not follow the common trend or expectations while gaining features and Articles from Life With Out Andy, Galore Magazine & Sticks and Stones Agency.

2016, Amy-Jane Brand has smashed the Australian Bass Scene taking many punters by surprise from her high energy & powerful sets. With an army of over 800,000 following her every move, this creative step forward has captivated her strong audience while leading the way in breaking the industry stereo type. From start to finish, her sets are not only bass heavy they keep the crowd moving & entertained as she hypes the crowd on the mic while mixing the finest selection of music from Dubstep, Trap & HipHop.